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1.) What shipping options are available?

Orders under 300g will shipped USPS first class. Orders over 300g will be shipped USPS priority. 

2.) How long before product is shipped?

Orders will be shipped and updated with tracking information within 48 hours of receiving the order. Most will be shipped and updated the following business day.  

2.) Do you accept alternate forms of payment?

Email us at and we can set up alternate payment options

3.) Is the shipping material discrete?

Yes, product us shipped in beige padded envelope or official USPS packaging. Package shows just a name first and last name and return address, and your address. No reference to the product within, or the company name, exterior of packaging.

4.) Does the order come with a tracking number?

Yes, the cost of shipping includes a tracking number.

5.) Do you offer other shipping options?

Contact us at for other options to accommodate you. Other options will be billed to customer. 

6.) Is kratom legal in the US?

Kratom is legal in all states but Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Vermont and Wisconsin. We will not ship to those states.