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How to set up and pay with Bitcoin

1.) It's a very easy process! You can use your debit/credit card to instantly buy bitcoin and pay. You can also add a bank account but that usually takes a few days to process. First, sign up for a bitcoin wallet if you don't already have one. The one we use and find the easiest is

2.) Go into settings and click on linked accounts to add a debit/credit card or preferred method

3.) Once funds are in your account, click on the buy button and select bitcoin to purchase the amount you want. Keep in mind there will be a small fee when buying bitcoin which it will say so you need to convert a little over the amount you want to send. For this reason we give you a larger discount on the products. 

4.) Now click on accounts and it will show how much money you have in each one. Under BTC wallet there is a send button which you will use to send the amount to our bitcoin address which is 133kt3vkcqM99qm15GQAaXXwGiLG9YAYZz

5.) Finally, email us when payment is completed. Please include transaction # and bitcoin ID so we know who it is from.